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 Instrument Repairs 

We carefully restore and repair all makes and sizes using traditional methods and materials to preserve the original quality of the instrument. Our Shop is fully equipped to make any part to repair your instrument. Our machine shop makes any necessary tools and fixtures to get the job done well! 
Sample Repairs Include: 
  • Cosmetic and structural re-creation of finish
  • Expert installation of electronic pickups and microphones on all instruments at reasonable prices
  • Improvements and adjustments to player's preferences; artistically and acoustically proper bridge fitting and soundpost adjustments
  • Bow rehairing and repair with the finest horsehair and materials to bring back new life and improves playability
A Top-off Repair


This is an example of a top-off repair. Cracks and center seam separations are fixed using special clamps and traditional hot hide glue. Cleats of thin close-grained wood are fitted to reinforce the repair without affecting the sound.

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